Geographical Thoughts

Geographical Thoughts

img Yahaya Saadatu
September 8, 2021
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Geologist said the Earth was found about 4,600 million years ago. A popular theory among the scientist goes to say that the Earth first appeared like a red hot ball full of clouds of hot gases. It begins to cool down after hundreds of million years so as to make it possible for life to appear.

Sea, land and mountains began to make their appearance. But how life began remains a mystery to scientist.

Anyway, life appeared suddenly as if by accident in water a million years ago. This tinny one cell creature” Algae” began to multiply, develop and appear in varied form for vountless ages. Some plants and animals took shelter in shallow water. They began to adjust to environment of the land.

The geographical hidtohi of the Earth, the middle age( Mesozoic age) is know for huge reptiles like dinosaur which walk in land. The animals too appeared to suckled their young.

When the Earth became too cold on account of the Advent of ice age, millions of creature became totally extinct which included dinosaur and others. Only mammals survived. New species began to make their appearance. The Earth has experienced four ice age according to geographical Thoughts.

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