Hausa marriage. 2

There ate several stages accomplished before a marriage is contracted: betrothal, giving gifts and rendering services to the bride’s parents, solicitation if parental aggrement, marriage payment and it’s division amongst bride’s parental and maternal kinsman, prayers and rituals on a wedding day and pre- wedding advice on the pending role of family members are all regular features if traditional hausa marriage.

Marriage payment vary from nothing as in the case of Auren sadaka to payment in cash. Marriage expenses include gifts of money, cloths to the bride particularly in festivals, gifts to girls maternal as well as paternal kinsmen and also legal payment.

Sadaka is the only legal payment required of a man under Islamic law to establish the contract and status of marriage.

Where no marriage payment are made, as in the case of Auren sadaka, the mallam returns some token gifts of gratitude to the girls family. Such gift include salt, grain, rice, guinea, corn and implicate the man’s consent to the marriage contract.




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