Hausa marriage 3

Among the hausa’s the word ” family”  is used with reference to lineal as well as collateral groupings. Consequently, hausa kinshiylike other kinship system is bilateral while emphasising it’s strong agnatic bias. A group of male kinsmen from the core of the hausa residential group. At whatever level of the family if the man has the authority over his wife or wives and also children and even over his younger siblings.

A man respects his in-laws and elder siblings and provides the essentials to his wife or wives such as shelter, food, medicine, clothing etc. The wife visits her parents with the husband’s permission. He and his wife have equal share from the marriage payment of their daugjdaug. But he provides the marriage payment for his sons and gifts as feel for his children quranic school .

A wife must obey and respect her husband. Wives cook, sweep and do the domestic works in rotation. They obey the man’s first wife and their husbands parents . They are not expected to be adulterous and they are not to carry out any abortion.



To be continued……

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