Hausa marriage

Hausa are a heterogeneous people that live in the nothern oart of the country. They are mostly Muslims and they occupy six 6 states in Nigeria. They are mostly farmers and trafers and they are also organized into several kingdoms, each with a political com-economic capital.

A scholar, Smith distinguished two different modes by which the hausa classify their marriage . First is a religious one which distinguish three types of marriages.

– Purdah, a type if marriage in which the wife us completely secluded and this type is believed to have a religious backing.

– Auren Tsare, a marriage with partial seclusion of the wife.

– Auren jahilai, a marriage in which there is no form of seclusion

By hausa tradition, girls marrying for the first time are expected to be virgins other wise, the husband beats them and also report to her parents. They also symbolizes the fact by hanging a broken Calabash outside the house. A virgin bride gets more respect and prestige….

To be continued ……….

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