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How to score 250 and above in JAMB

How to score 250 and above in JAMB

How to score 250 and above in JAMB

How to score 250 and above in JAMB is easy only if we put our minds to it. Getting a desired score in JAMB comes with a whole lot of zeal, in other word, you passing and failing JAMB all depends on the choice you made. We can either choose to fail or pass a particular exam, it all depends on our zeal. Sitting and not preparing for jamb is a very good way of telling yourself that you are ready to fail.

       Just because you come out with good grades in your class doesn’t give you a free access in getting 250 and above in JAMB. JAMB is more complicated than how most of us see it. So it is very important to prepare ahead of jamb to avoid stories that touches the heart.


Below are easy ways to get you prepared for the upcoming JAMB


        A lot of questions comes up like “when should I start reading?” well…..the earlier the better. Once you realize that you have JAMB to write, then its better you start reading immediately. You don’t have to wait till after the registration, or few weeks or days to the exam. Start your reading now because you can’t cover a whole syllabus overnight. The earlier you start reading, the more time you have to cover many topics and that gives you a more higher chance of scoring 250 and above in JAMB. A lot of people have adopted this method and they didn’t regret it. starting your reading now is very helpful so it is advisable you start now. don’t wait until the exam is around the corner.

Start reading now.

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            It is advisable to draft out a personal time table, thought drafting out a personal time table does not give you a guarantee that you will pass UTME but it helps you prepare well for jamb. Drafting a personal timetable is one thing, working with it is another thing. Once you draft out a personal time table , make sure you work with it.


        Using jamb syllabus is very important when preparing for jamb as it ensures you not to read out of point. Don’t neglect jamb syllabus for all subject because all questions and recommended textbooks are in the JAMB syllabus.


          Attending jamb lessons is another vital step you must take if you want to get your desired jamb score. Studying on your own at times may be difficult.  But attending JAMB lesson will be helpful as it helps you concentrate   and you also get the chance to meet other people preparing for jamb. You can learn from your fellow scholar as well.


           Studying jamb past questions can also be of help as it gives you an hint about how your own questions will be like. They can also be a repetition of past questions. So it is very advisable to study as many past questions as possible.


           Getting the right JAMB app is very important. You can download our JAMB mobile app using the following link:

Our   JAMB mobile app provides you with jamb previous questions that can help you in testing how well prepared you are for jamb.


       If you are a believer, then it’s advisable you pray to God   because he alone can help us achieve all we want and desire.

In conclusion, if you can abide by those above mentioned steps, I believe not just JAMB but passing every other exam will be easier for you.

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