*People deal with heartbreak differently. Some will cry their eyes out, while others will punch the wall.*[

*Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior !!! Read that again !!!*
[: *Hating me is like searching porn on YouTube. You are wasting your time.*

, I pray you never fall for a man who wants ur body more than he wants you.*

[: *Exam results don come out. Na only Wisdom fail.*

: *Stop Asking me to invest 20k and get 100k in 45mins.*
*If it’s real you won’t tell me, pls introduce it to ur family members!🙄*

: *You blame your dad for being poor, now it’s your turn let’s see if e easy* 🙄
🚶‍♀️ 🚶‍♀️
[*_Are u tired of your period ?? I can make it disappear for 9 months, but I will disappear too_*


I am not everyone’s favourite 💔😔 but cheers “🥂” to those who appreciate me😊❤️✌️*

: *If you can’t date us….Refer us.*

*Give your friend our contact😹😹* 😹🚶‍♀️

: *If we are dating💏 Just know I’m always ready for breakup💔* 😉
*U cannor shock me* 🙄😹


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