Just a Rant of Life~2

Yeah my rant still goes on. Second part…


In most stories or movies the fat ugly girl is always treated like an outcast then after summer break she comes back with a banging body and the boys start noticing her and then everything becomes perfectly fine in her world or the fat boy who is always bullied eventually lose weight and steps into an ideal body and everything becomes perfectly fine in his world. Why? Why can’t fat people be comfortable about themselves and their body?….Guys that’s totally wrong it never works that way….it never does….


Y’all think everything is gonna fix itself so easily? Body image issues are not that simple, honestly the whole fat shaming phobia, Eating Disorder and dieting are so so complicated that i haven’t even done 5% justice to it..


And most of us tell our plus size friends to diet and lose weight to feel confident in their body. If a fat person have extreme low self esteem they can never truly love themselves even if they diet and become the slimest people in the world Why? Because they feel like being fat is a horrible thing and they have to do anything not to get fat, they have to do anything to fit in, to feel among to be accepted and then eating disorder sets in, obsessive thoughts, anxiety disorder, compulsive exercise, and sadly….


depression. That’s the reality of plus size people… EDS are the deadliest mental health disorder with the highest fatality rate of all mental health disorders yet it is the ONLY mental disorder that is actively promoted.


Eating disorders are usually characterized by an extreme irrational and bizarre fear of gaining weight. There are six diagnosed EDs and they include:Anorexia Nervosa,Bullima Nervosa,Binge Eating Disorder,Avoidant food intake Eating disorder, Pica, Ruminating syndrome and night Eating disorder…… And they are significantly caused by phobia and fat shaming. #quit fat shaming


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