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Just a Rant of Life~4

This is the fourth and final part of my rant


Another thing about Eating Disorder is that more than 85% of people with ED are fat, plus size people who no matter how chronic and physically challen


ging their disorder becomes, they don’t lose weight which makes it harder for them to come out and speak up because people won’t belive them…. because apparently ‘you have to be extraordinarily thin if you have an Eating Disorder’ which is totally wrong. Even in ED, fat people still get discriminated. That’s how unfair the world is to plus size people. Eating disorder is a mental disorder not a physical disorder. It has got nothing to do with our weight or size.


Okay,okay…. The thing is:<speak up. I know it’s not easy….coming out and speaking up but trust me, it’s worth it. Fine, nine out of ten people might not believe you but at least, one person will belive and help you…. Why not gamble on that one person?


Mental health ia being stigmatized and because of how we treat mental health, people find it is so difficult to speak up because we don’t treat it the way we treat physical health.


So please speak up, we don’t have forever here but at least, we deserve to spend what ever time we’ll spend here in absolute peace and happiness. Don’t let anything kill you from the inside. You deserve a life full of love.


So celebrate yourself, celebrate others. The things that makes us different from one another makes us beautiful.





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  1. If u can’t love
    Don’t make anyone to fall in love