Mount Patti ⛰️⛰️


It is one of the most finest and most interesting tourist center which any first timer of lokoja should visit. An adventurous climb to the top of the hill which is about 1500 ft or 458.3km above sea level would be a worthwhile experience for a visitor in the ancient town.

One interesting thing about this site is it’s Serene and calm weather that welcomes you as you journey to the top.. Normally, the prevailing weather condition of lokoja city is hot but a visit to mount Patti offers a contrast as the thick lush vegetation along with the rocky hill gives off cool breeze all year round.

The snaking road that leads to the top of the hill is such a wonder to be hold while walking uphill. Sitting gracefully on top of the mountain is the structure of Lord Luggard Rest House said to have been built around 1900.

Flora Shaw was said to have coined the name Nigeria (Niger-Area) while working as a journalist during the era of British colonial Administration. From stop mount Patti, one can savour the silent grander and beautiful nature of the conflunce rivers,  niger and benue……




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