The skeleton

The skeleton

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September 9, 2021
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Skeleton is the bony framework of the body which provides support, shape and protection to the soft tissues and organs in animal.

Without skeleton,animals may not be able to move or carry out other life processes.

        The skeleton of animals enable them to move from place to place. The skeleton depending on the position of certain organism in the evolutionary trend helps to determine  the advancement and development of organism, e.g. man is able to stand erect than other organism due to its sophisticated skeletal built up

       Types of skeleton

There are three main types of skeleton. These are:

1-hydrostatic skeleton



Hydrostatic skeleton : is the type of skeleton possessed by soft-bodies animals. They have fluid pressure to provide support.

Exoskeleton : is the type of skeleton which is found outside or external part of some animals. Most invertibrates do possess cuticle which is composed of chitin.

Endoskeleton: endoskeleton is the type of skeleton which is found inside the body of animals. Endoskeleton exists in bony or cartilagenous skeleton of fishes, toad, lizard, birds and mammals

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