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-Village People and


We are still on the topic titled:


Joseph: From last episode our guest where able to explain the sentence above so this week we would go further.

So sir Village people could you please give a scenario or an example where you have manifested your trait of dominance?

Village People: Smile… My blother there at3 many examples but let me give this one about one student rike that in Bidda polythecinic.

You see this boy was to have exams, an architectural exam that doesn’t involve English or mathematics but I made him bring his phone to the exam hall.

The examiner saw him before exams a very lenient person and asked him to put it away or submit the phone to her till after exams but I made this boy have coconut head as he no dey hear word.

Later on the exams started and the boy was caught filled up malpractice form and was called up in the school committee board but he refuse coming so he was expelled.


Let me shock you……..

The idiot had admission in another school thats why him get coconut head but as far I was concerned he didnt go to it because I made him forget the closing date for school fees payment.


Is it wonderful

Village People 2-0 Boy

Joseph&Sapa001: Wow😯😯😯😯

I think with this we have come to the end of today’s episode hope you got sense from this nonsense.

I remain you host Joseph ikemefuna chigozie Amadioha

Word of the Day:

No matter how small the rat is the bird cannot dodge the spoon of a cow who has knock on the door…

Thank you


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