Breath Taking News

Breath Taking News

September 8, 2021
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Good evening ladies and Gentlemen with a little of Ancestor.

Your welcome to another episode on BBNews you one and only arena of rubbish that exist in the nonsense of sense.

I remain ur host Joseph Ikemefuna chigozie Amadioha and with me is

-Village People

– so sorry Sir Sapa001 is aviodably absent is like him don get new client like that.

Anyways still on the topic


Joseph: Sir Village people you spoke last time on our meeting so I’ll like to ask are there advantages and disadvantages to your existence??

Sir Village People:ehhn u no that even as I am I don’t have ultimate power, ehhn so am limited but for advantages I am very advantageous I allow the unbalance of life😊😊😊 thats is y yahoo boy dey fall in love with client and client come dupe am, such is life. I’ve been existing for a very very long time and I have seen and unseen scenes, just yesterday me and sapa001 went in a mission actually I escort am make dem no kidnap am😂😂😂

There’s this boy we no dey hear word em get coconut head he no dey hear word(na me cause am o), this boy is a crypto trader for almost a year now me and Sapa don deal with am but I no allow am hear word so yesterday him but coin o something rise from 13k to 22k signs dey say coin no go rise again oya sell na make u cashout but I get coconut head I no dey hear word no gree na me cause Sapa just dey one side dey laugh, him roommate warn am o him no hear.

But verily verily I say unto u him 22k din turn 5k isn’t God wonderful. Celebrate grace. It wasn’t easy and funniest thing be say tomorrow na him birthday wey him for cash out make dem flex I get coconut head no gree Torh I allow Sapa help celebrate am. So in essence what am trying to say is…… Me ma I no ni wetin wan talk🤣🤣🤣

Joseph: Thank you Sir village People even if na nonsense u just talk. But my people we have come to the end of the program for today. Please stay tuned for another episode same time same station when I chop food.

Word of the day:

No matter how fat the elephant can be it cannot the spoon from thrown down the pot of the goat who smell the mess of a chicken.

Walai my head dey pain me

Hope say mama nkechi never fry Akara finish

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