Today’s debate 🙌

   Mr chairman , accurate time keeper, impartial panel of judges my fellow friends,my Co Debator,all protocol duly observe

My name is my name and I am here to propose  d notion dat says

(Nobody senior any body,life naa turn by turn ) with my following reasons

(1) Dem first born u no mean say u go first die

(2)if  u first me touch ceiling because u tall,I go first u to pick stone from d ground because I near ground pass u 

(3) u fyt first me enter ss1 and I fyt first u enter University

(4) small boy wai just finish school fyt begin work before chairman wai do NYNC 2015

(5) u help me today no means say I no fyt help u tomorrow

(6) person wai dey healthy fyt die before person wai dey sick 

(7) naa oga dey pay driver but AC go first blow driver before e reach oga for back 

(8)u dey stay upstairs no mean say naa u near God pass

(9) wen u see me naa wen I see u 

(10) time keeper,as u want to ring dat bell may ur time in dis world never be over 

I hope with dis very few point of mine I should be able to convince u not to confuse u dat(nobody senior anybody for dis life ,life naa turn by turn 

Thank u 😘😘

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