A Grateful Heart

Looking at my life now where I am I don’t even know myself, what am I doing? Or what my plans for future?

The person that say that Adulthood is simple and sweet, the thunder that dey have soak inside gutter for 12days is it that would fire you😭😭😭.

Growing up as a child I thought my parent where overbearing and I longed to live by myself to be free of the holds, to live a life I choose for myself, but right now I wish I could go back to being a 5Years old child.

I take style miss running Naked in the streets and riding my legendary Vebooth and ever present and non falling tire endlessly and happily.

To the time where my life 2as predetermined and every step calculated for by my parents, where I am told come back home this so so time, go do this or that.

Now I don’t know if I should wash this plate or not self? if I wash the plate e fit break and If I no wash am my small house to dey smell.

Me wey dey chop at least 2square meal a day for my papa house, see me abeg mama Nkechi ur beans never still done make I come collect small.

Such is life, I now tend to appreciate every moment I had spend under the guidance of my parent. And even talking about them I flashed my dad yesterday to beg for  money(big boy like me😥😥) the man called me back but before I would open mouth he has started giving me list of things needed in the house(his house o) and my younger sibling school fees. Me wey wan beg u u come dey beg me, oya kuku kill me.

The essence is that be grateful in what ever place you find yourself now don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Abeg forget that tomorrow gibe me food make I first chop I dey hungry u dey talk of tomorrow😂🤣🤣🤣


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