Close your mouth.

You are getting married and still on planning stage? close your mouth.

Do you want to travel out of the country? close your mouth.

Are you going for an interview, competition or exam? close your mouth.

Someone came to ask for your hand in marriage?  close your mouth.

You are planning for your children’s future. close your mouth.

Your friends wants to know what happens in your home. close your mouth.

Your friends want to know your secret as a couple.close your mouth.

Did you receive news on promotion?. close your mouth.

You have a dream about a future project? close your mouth.

Your neighbors heard you quarrel with your husband or wife and they came calling to help settle the dispute. close your mouth.

No matter how big or small your salary is. close your mouth.


Did you know

There are destiny destroyers near and far from you?

Some are killers and jealous minded and also gold diggers.


My brothers and sisters, close your mouth at all time because the power of life and death is on the tongue.



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