Making money seem to be a difficult task. Sorry, I mean, a very difficult task! And why is it a difficult task? Possible answer, because everyone wants it. Looks like whatever everybody wants is always difficult for everybody to get and that’s why most of the billionaires in the world today, including me always advise people….. I don’t even know.

Well, my name is Sadiq and I’m here to give you what I call ‘expo’ on how to earn better on I’m not here to tell you how to make money, because I also don’t know how to else you would have known my name without me telling you, you can still go back and check so you don’t forget though. presents you with what might be included in the list of ‘101 ways to make money’ although I’m not saying we’ll make you a Bill Gates or an Aliko Dangote, but as a youth, a student and…. I don’t know what you are but as long as you have a mobile phone, you really don’t need to spend time gossiping about other people online or arguing all day about Wizkid and Davido or Ronaldo and Messi when you can spend those precious times piling up tokens into your piggy bank.

Yes, gives you the opportunity to earn while just reading posts, sharing posts, commenting on our posts and even creating a very creative post. Easy I guess! Very easy. You spend hours on your phone each day so, this can’t be difficult because this time you get paid using your phone and having fun reading creative stories and sharing them to your social media handles. This is like a leverage! Well as we go on, I’m going to tell you how you can make 5,000 Naira a day on and that’s why I’ll urge you to look out for my next post!


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