Senate Endorses Bill for Database of Cows and livestock

The senate is considering a bill seeking to create a database for cows in the country.

The bill for an Act to ‘establish national livestock and management (protection, control and management etc) bureau’ is being sponsored by Bima Enagi (APC, Niger South) and it scaled a second reading on Tuesday April 20. The agency will be in charge of identification, traceability and registration of livestock such as cows and goats to among other things curb cattle rustling.

A similar bill was considered by the previous senate but it was not passed.

Leading the debate, Mr Enagi noted that although livestock identification was originally intended to indicate ownership and prevent rustling, it has been expanded to include information on animals’ origins (birthplace, parentage, sex, breed, genetics) as well as the ability to trace an animal product back through the marketing chain to its source.

He said the movement of livestock and their products has increased the spread of diseases, increased the threat to human health and reduced consumer confidence in animal products. The Bureau, when established, will ensure the traceability of animal products into the country, in order to safeguard the lives citizens.

He said; 


"Livestock identification refers to keeping records of individual farm animals or groups of farm animals so that they can be more easily tracked from their birth, through the marketing chain, to the table."

In Support of the bill, Senator Sabi Abdullahi (Niger North - APC) said passing the bill into law is key to implementing the economic diversification goals of the current government, and solving the herders-farmers crisis.


Senator Kabir Abdullahi Barkiya (Katsina Central - APC) on the other hand said being able to track livestock would significantly reduce cattle rustling, a trend he said is worsening banditry in the northern region.

Some objectives of the Bill include:

* Creation of a National Livestock Identification database.

* Ensure management, traceability, and control of movement of livestock.

* Ensure livestock health and disease management through disease surveillance, prevention and quick response to disease outbreaks.

* Food safety through the traceability of animal products.

* Enhance transparency and information in the food chain.

* Deter animal theft, especially as it affects the incessant cattle rustling crisis.

And many more.

There are lots of advantage to this bill and it looks promising but if its been passed to law would such agendas be the outcome from this database? 

This and many more Questions roams in the heart of the Citizens of this country!!