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September 9, 2021
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Standing by the road all alone in a cold dark weather was so scary! Although, it was about 5.03 am, but the environment looked rather dark and and too cold for a Monday Morning, the roads, lonely and dark I even imagined if anyone would willingly drive along. But for the echoes of the call for prayer from differeent megaphones, one would think that the the time was incorrect and would say it was 12 midnight.

I looked down the road, envisioning a mirage of  a bus driving towards me and me walking into it!

It was supposed to be my first day at work after being transferred to this new environment. Oh I curse the day I ever met Tricia, she was the reason I was transferred from our Abuja branch. Why didn’t they just tell me they are in Love so I would just give them their way ?

I Looked back and there was no one , then I heard a voice say “ Are you scared ?”

Of course I was scared, but that was my voice, I didn’t even know when the words dropped off my lips. “Are you talking to me?”

This time I was shocked because I haven’t seen anyone behind me for the hundred times I’ve looked behind. ‘’No, Sorry…I was just…’’   I didn’t know what to say and just ended the statement with a smile and a slight nod, then turned my face to the front as I’ve been.

I looked by my left and she was still there. “ what kind of ghost are you ?’’  I whispered.

“How do you mean?’’ She replied at once.

‘’ I mean, how come you could travel around with me but couldn’t see what was happening between Tricia and my Boss?’’

I whispered again, this time, fiercely.

‘’Sorry…Are you talking to me?’’  The same voice behind me talked again.

I was mad this time, I had to burst out.

“ Mr. Man….’’ I almost barked. When her voice commanded ‘’ Hey, Calm down!….’’

I Looked at her. ‘’He might be your colleague or even your superior at work….so keep calm’’ She spoke in a way that always gets me crazy.

I turned away from the Man standing behind me.

‘’Follow me!’’  I commanded her while I walked to where I could be isolated down the road.

‘’How come you can’t see that he’s my colleague or my superior’’ I blurted, but in whispers as we walk slowly down the road with my white ear phone which is always camouflaged so I look like I’m on a call with somebody just so I don’t look mad, speaking alone on the road.

‘’ I mean, what kind of useless ghost are you?’’ I continued, but that question has always been one Oma is yet to answer for as long as we’ve met.

As we walked slowly down the road side, it looked like everywhere was getting brighter, brighter and brighter until it looked like the sun is coming up but this time, from the North.

Then the sound of a big vehicle horn distracted me from what I was about to say to Oma, I turned and it looked like that was our Staff Bus.

‘’ So, you’ll meet me!’’ That’s what I usually say to her before entering taxi to wherever I was going, but she’s always there before me.

I arranged my tie, walked to the Bus where other people I never noticed were also hanging around were trooping in.

I got closer and it was about the same kind of Bus as the branch in Abuja.

I stepped in, and the seats were almost all filled up.

’Good Morning ‘’ Was what was coming out of my mouth as I Walked towards the back seat, where, in my former place of work, I would always have another round of sleep during the long ride to the office, but when on getting closer to the back seat, there was always a heavy snore pushing me away. Oh! Someone already thought about that!

I had to Sit somewhere else, with jealousy as I know what he’s enjoying.

I felt like cursing him, he even snores so reckless! Yes, he snores so loudly, and vibrating until the noise from the ignited bus, covered took over.

Nobody greeted me or said a word to me; everyone looked like they were preparing for another sleeping round.

I couldn’t sleep; I just didn’t like the fact that I had to leave Abuja to this place. I was already doing well in Abuja, Feeling graced, and every staff even the gatemen and security personnel knew me. We would always exchange friendly pleasantries and here I am, like a lost sheep.

The journey was so boring, it was unlike my former office where most times when we aren’t sleeping, it was always fun as we would gist about virtually everything and anything, from football down to music and movie series. Sometimes Wale, the bus driver would give us good music and some of us dance and in those days, we were already sweating before we get to the office, and the good thing was, there was always a place to change before taking the seat for the day.

It was a different scenario here, only a very few people were talking to each other, some of them on their phones, and majority were asleep. It was sooooo fxxcking boring!

I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I took out my phone, opened Google map, tired of this unending boring ride, I checked how many kilometers to our office and wow!

I raised my head and thought about Oma.

She should have been here so I just put my phone on my ear and act like I was making a Call while just talking to her.

Oma is a very beautiful lady; I just wonder why I was the only one that could see her.

I mean, sometimes it looks like she’s a ghost but, there are times when she was also scared, at times she cries, watches Tv with me, stroll together but the one thing that convinces me that she isn’t human, was sleeping. She never sleeps, and, of course eating. She doesn’t eat.

We’ve been friends for some times now, just roughly four months I’d say and we met…..

‘’ Hey! ‘’

That sweet voice brought me back to light. ‘’ Looks boring isn’t it?’’

Yea! That’s her!

‘’I was just thinking about you’’ I already confessed, then she signaled I put my put my phone on my ear which I hurriedly did as some of the other people sitting close to me were already turning to se whom I was speaking with.

‘’You are already close to your office, it’s a beautiful place, but not as big as the one in Abuja’’

Oma spoke.

‘’Of course it can’t be bigger..’’ ‘’Abuja is the company’s headquarter’’ I reminded, in a whisper.

‘’don’t you think I know that?’’ She smirked, standing in front of me with her long, plain white wedding gown. The story behind that wedding gown is such a horrible one.

We get gisting and soon, the bus finally came to a halt and everyone started alighting. Even the ones sleeping woke up without any intervention, unless for the snoring Man at the back seat.

’Leave him alone’’  Oma warned as I attempted waking him up.

’why?’’ I rhetorically asked.

This time, already tapping him on the back for the second time.

‘’Leave him Alone Cedar’’ Oma warned, this time mentioning my name, but it was quite late, as a roughly looking man with an rough looking beard was staring at me eye ball to eye ball and……




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