Clairesentient Cedar Episode 2

Clairesentient Cedar Episode 2

img Sadiq Musa
September 10, 2021
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‘’Leave him Alone Cedar’’ Oma warned, this time mentioning my name, but it was quite late, as a roughly looking man with an rough looking beard was staring at me eye ball to eye ball and that was when I noticed he wasn’t even putting on shoes, he was only wearing a pair of bathroom slippers and a short.

This time, it was just me and him in the bus as every other person already alighted.

‘’wetin Happen!’’ Were the first words that came off his Mouth; but those words didn’t come out alone, they were propelled by a strong stinking early morning mouth smell, but this one was quite choking.

I felt I should leave now, then I turned to go after trying to let him know I just wanted to wake him up because we have reached office, but the fear of him saying another word made me swallow my words and wanted to go back leaving him with just a sorry.

‘’I told you to leave him alone’’ Oma tried teasing me.

’Just keep quiet’’ I heard myself say.

‘’Oga I say wetin happen na’’ He rephrased, after wiping his face with the back of his palm severally.

I was about to say something, I didn’t even know what it was I was about to say, but I got saved by the voice from outside.

‘’ KG, Come collect the key o’’ I didn’t know who just spoke, but I was grateful the person has spoken,

’Okay Sir’’ Was his reply as he hurriedly, gets up, and I had to make way for him, Oma was standing in his front he didn’t know because of course he couldn’t see her, he just walked through her, and I watched him walked towards the door, his movement and the way his appearance revealed that he could be a mechanic.

He was close to the exit door, and then he turned and left some words of warning for me.

’ Hey!’’ He called.

‘’Is like na new staff you be ba’’   Sounded like a question but I assumed it to be rhetoric because it was obvious I’m new.

’ Them no dey wake me from sleep o…no try this thing again’’ He warned.

I turned to Oma and she smiled.

‘’Was that supposed to be funny?’’ I muttered

’You look rough’’ She spoke, Leading the way outside the parked vehicle, while I follow, trying to check myself if I was truly rough.

It was my First day at the St.Patricks, A multimillion naira real estate firm. I have been working with the company for more than eight years, been to their branches in different regions and I thought Abuja would be where I would settle down, get married and start a life

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