Episode 1
    Naya was seen hanging around the village girls

They were on their way back from the stream. Each of them were carrying water on their heads. They were having a serious discussion
“So, after just four months of relationship, he wants to come and see your people?”.
Uche, Naya’s friend asked the other girl (Kelechi)
“Yes o! I was shocked. Like, I wasn’t expecting him to come up with that discision. I felt it’s too soon for us to get married”. Kelechi said wearing this worried expression
“What are you saying Kelechi? Don’t you know that you are very lucky? Obinna is a great farmer. And most of the maidens in this village adore him. Why do you want to throw this great opportunity away? Just take a good look at me, I’ve been in a relationship with Emeka for the past 4 years now, and he has never mentioned anything concerning marriage. Naya has been in a relationship with Chuka, and he has not said anything concerning marriage with her either”. Uche said
Naya smiled at her last statement “Chuka actually proposed last night”.
“You don’t mean it”. Kelechi said with a smile
“So he finally proposed after 5 years of being together”. Uche said with an eye roll
“Well… He said he was waiting for the right time. I guessed he knew when the right time was. If things work out well, I’ll be married to him before I turn 23”. Naya said with a beautiful smile

Naya is an epitome of beauty. Every man wanted her. Not just because she is beautiful but because she is hardworking and very intelligent. Naya never had the opportunity to further her education after her Secondary school. What she does is help people in their farms, wash clothes for people, and other minor chores that fetch her money in which she uses in taking care of her self and her grandma. It has always been her and her grandma.
Naya is average in height, extremely fair, and she’s got brown eyes.
People said she looks like her dad but she has never met her dad and grandma has refused talking about him.
Naya has been in a serious relationship with Chuka right after her Secondary school, she loves him dearly and can’t wait to be his bride.
She had gone to prepare dinner for Chuka as usual when he proposed. It was like a dream come true for her because Chuka is the man she wants for herself. He is hardworking and handsome.
When she got home that night, she broke the goodnews to her grandma who rejoiced with her.
Chuka told her he will be coming with his people to see her people the following week.
Since after Chuka’s proposal, Naya became restless. She can’t just wait to be with Chuka after so many years.

One fateful evening, she went to see Chuka as usual. He wasn’t around when she came. She prepared his favorite and kept his room tidy.
Chuka came back and was happy to see her. He devour his meal after which they went on talking about themselves and how they are going to live their marital life. During the discussion, Chuka started making advances at Naya. He has tried this countless times but Naya had always told him she isn’t ready

“When are you going to be ready Naya? It’s been five years already. Haven’t I tried enough??
For crying out loud, I’m a man not some piece of wood”. He quaried
“I am sorry Chuka. It’s just that…… I am scared. It’s not something I’ve done before.. I. Just….”.
“Come in bae, you are not a kid anymore. Okay… You see what…. I’m going to go gently with you. It’s not gonna hurt, I promise…. Beside, in less than 2 weeks from today, we’ll be what’s stopping us?”.
Naya saw reasons in what he was saying and gave in. She went back home that night though he tried persuading her to sleep over but she refused.
Her grandma was already asleep when she got home. She went straight to her bedroom and couldn’t stop thinking about the stuff that occure between she and Chuka. It was painful bit she also derived pleasure from it.

Few days later
Chuka’s people came for the introduction, after the whole little ceremony, they promised to come back another day for the fixing of date for the wedding.
Naya couldn’t contend her excitement. Her friends were happy for her as well.
Days turned to weeks, weeks turn to months yet Chuka never came back with his family
Naya became worried, her kins men were beginning to ask her questions concerning her marriage with Chuka

She decided to bring up the topic when she next she goes to Chuka’s place, but on getting there, she saw what she wasn’t supposed to see
Chuka was having a great time with another maiden from the village…. She barged into them and watched them with her mouth agape. Chuka simply stood up, put on his trousers and dragged her outside
“How dare you barge into my room without knocking?”. Chuka asked angrily
Naya couldn’t believe her ears, she should be the angry one here not the other way round
“Is that what you are gonna say? I just caught you cheating and you have the guts to blurt that rubbish out of your mouth?”. Naya asked finding everything hard to believe
Chuka scoffed and said “what you just saw is non of your business… That maiden in there is Amaka, she is the girl I intended getting married to_.”.
Naya opened her mouth wide as she couldn’t believe what he just said
“What are you saying Chuka? You want to marry Amaka? I thought I am the one you wanted to get married to”.
“Everything changed Naya. My feelings for you died a long time ago”.
,”Your feelings for me died a long time ago yet you’ve been sleeping with me? Even yesterday you slept with me.. are you okay Chuka? What has she done to you because I know this isn’t you..”. Tears were already streaming down her cheaks
“Look Naya, we were never meant for each other… Amaka in there is the best woman for me… Go and find yours because I’m not yours get it… And if you will excuse me, I was in the middle of something before you came”. He walked back inside locking his door this time around
Naya felt broken, everything seems like a dream to her

She went back home but couldn’t stop crying…. Her grandma wasn’t around when she came back,she lie on her small bed and kept crying
… Everything happened so fast, she didn’t see it coming….. She regretted ever meeting someone like Chuka, she regretted ever giving herself to him




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