How To Remove phone Number From Pi Network | Recent Review

Hello, looking for a possible means to change your Pi network phone number? If YES! Then this article is for you because it is a lead by the hand on how you can remove phone number form Pi network and possibly enter another one.

Follow the below guide

  • Open your browser Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Type on the browser and click on search.
  • Scroll down the page, You will see “Account Settings In Email Request”
  • Scroll the down the page and you will also see Change Phone number click on it, Scroll down to give description of issue. Eg Hi Pi Network, I want to change my phone number from 0200……. to 0300……. as early as possible.


  • Then Scroll down to enter the email confirmation and click on send button

Within a short time Pi network will respond and your phone number will be changed.

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