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Report on killing of 230 Igbos in Jos fake – Police

  1. The Police Command in Plateau has described as fake speculations that unidentified persons have killed 230 Igbos in Jos .
    ASP Ubah Ogaba , the Police Public Relations Officer ( PPRO ) of the command , dismissed the report in statement on Sunday in Jos .
    The News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) reports that the social media has been agog by reports that a luxurious bus conveying commuters of Igbo extraction was set ablaze , killing 230 passengers, in Jos .
    But Ogaba maintained that the report was malicious and an attempt by mischief makers to stir up conflicts in the state and the country at large.
    The PPRO therefore called on members of the public to disregard the dangerous rumour or fake news and go about their lawful businesses.
    “ The command hereby states categorically that there is no record of such incident anywhere in Jos .
    “ We urge members of the public to disregard and stop the spread of such as fake news capable of inspiring unwarranted panic , hatred, negativity , chaos and tribal conflict among the well -spirited residents of Plateau and Nigeria in general .
    “ We enjoin all citizens to cooperate with the Police and other security agencies by providing prompt and useful information that will help to enhance the security of the state rather than spreading unverified information capable of heating up the polity .
    “ On this note, we wish to reaffirm our resolve toward the provision of adequate security within the state and even beyond, ” he said .
    The spokesperson also urged residents to report all suspicious movements, emergency or distress to the nearest police formation for prompt response.
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    Igbos Plateau State
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  1. This is one of the reasons we have problems in this country … much of fake news